Money talks.

It’s as old a cliché as there is, but it’s true.

People can interpret it as they see, but there’s only one way to define the $1 billion that Grupo Autofin is pledging to Acapulco, and it’s this simple.

A commitment to the city.

Last month, the Mexican conglomerate announced an investment in the great city of Acapulco that totals $1 billion over the next six years. Grupo Autofin invests in the automotive, communications and tourism industries, has earmarked the money for projects that include 6,000 hotel rooms to the city’s inventory, golf courses, facilities for entertainment events, a zip-line, an adventure park, and a hospital focused on medical tourism.

Grupo Autofin is certainly no stranger to Acapulco – it already owns the Pierre Mundo Imperial and Princess Mundo Imperial hotels after acquiring them in 2014.

This $1 billion investment is a huge vote of confidence in Acapulco given the struggles the city has had with tourism. To its credit, Acapulco Tourism has not shied away from the violence that has plagued the city, getting the message out that it has largely been outside the tourist areas.

But Acapulco has still suffered a drop in tourism numbers, and this is the kind of news – such a significant vote of confidence in the city – that needs to be filtered down to travel agents and potential visitors.

And it’s not just the investment from Grupo Autofin.

Grupo Aeroportuario Centro Norte had made a $30 million investment in a new terminal at Acapulco’s international airport, which will open in two years, and the Mexico-based Posadas Group has started construction on a new $85 million Fiesta Americana Grand Acapulco Diamante Hotel.

Money talks, and as far as Acapulco goes it is speaking volumes about this great destination.

Travel Pulse.