Acapulco Sees Robust Uptick for 2015-2016 Season:

The Port Authority of Acapulco has announced that it expects to see a robust uptick to 32,000 passengers this coming season thanks to its efforts to rebuild the cruise traffic. The new cruise season started on Oct. 6 with the arrival of Norwegian Sun, which sailed from San Diego, bringing 821 passengers and 904 crew members aboard.

Acapulco estimated that economic impact to be substantial, with tourists spending an average of $90 per person. Norwegian will have 10 arrivals, at approximately 2,000 passengers each, during the new season.

Cruise travel in Acapulco is gaining momentum. Arrivals to the port have gradually increased and Acapulco expects to see almost 20 ships.

The port said this is a result of initiatives led by the State of Guerrero’s Tourism Ministry in collaboration with Port Authority, municipal authorities, and local business owners, some of which attended the annual Florida Caribbean Cruise Association meeting, held in Cozumel from October 5-9.

 One of the meeting’s outcomes was the proposal to include the State of Guerrero as part of the Mesoamerican Route (Amazing Pacific), demonstrating the competitiveness of the port as a tourist destination.

Additionally, to reinforce the cruise sector, Acapulco now has a Local Cruise Committee composed of the State of Guerrero’s Tourism Ministry, the Municipal Tourism Ministry, Acapulco’s Destination Marketing Office, port authorities, DMC operators, and Federal Police and Public Safety representatives. Another initiative to enhance visitor experiences and aid tourists in resolving any travel difficulty with efficiency and ease was the inauguration of CAPTA in March 2015, Mexico’s first Tourist Protection Center, which handles everything from lost travel documentation to first aid care.

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